2. Wednesday, November 21

    Religious hipsters.

  3. Tuesday, November 25

    Posting last week’s comics a bit late; blame the turkey-induced coma!


  4. soulphase-deactivated20130208 said: I love you bunnies, with your beady eyes and everything. Do you love me?



  5. the bunnies are excited…

    just got 10 followers in 2 minutes!

  6. Thursday, November 15

    Since the Badger Herald has cut Friday newspapers, it looks like “Not Again Friday” will now be on Thursday!

  7. Wednesday, November 14

    Indie fox is too cool for you.

  8. Wednesday, November 13

    Bunny the Vampire Slayer

  9. Monday, November 12

    tis the season!

  10. Friday, November 9